Himalayan Getaway Pvt. Ltd.

Himalayan Getaway Pvt. Ltd. is proud to share a variety of adventure tours and sightseeing activities including Nepal trekking, peak climbing, expedition, water rafting, mountain biking, jungle safari tour, and mountain flights within Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan. We are a local trekking agency with a young, energetic and knowledgeable management team. We are advisers and travel consultants with degrees in Travel and Tourism. We follow sustainable tourism practices with the intent to be long-lasting. Our staff and owners are well-educated, with more than 15 years of experience and up-to-date travel organization knowledge.

We are a well-known government-licensed company in Nepal and are a member of TAAN (Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal), NMA (Nepal Mountaineering Association), and the NTB (Nepal Tourism Board). At (Company Name), we also help remote areas in the development of Education, Health and Environmental awareness and contribute a certain percentage of our profits to the welfare fund for Orphan Child. We are committed to environmental and cultural preservation in our program areas. We guarantee that we can make your trip easier, more fantastic and offer you more than you would expect.

Our Services


We operate hiking throughout Nepal from hiking within the valley to the significant altitude routes of the Himalayas.


Experience trekking with us to accomplish the best Himalayan trails and capture a lifelong memory of snow-capped peaks.


We are the best tour operator around, to offer you a memorable holiday, an adventure trip in Nepal.


We offer the best expedition trip in the Nepalese Himalayas with a wide range of variety. Our expedition journey furnishes you with a lifelong memory of vast geography, people, and the gigantic Himalayas.

Mountain Flights

Mountain flight with us gives you a magnificent aerial view of the Everest region and its sister peaks.

Domestic/ International Flight Reservation

Our local and international reservation flights are convenient and flexible for all travelers, tourists, etc.

Mountain Biking

We offer some of the best mountain biking routes within all the famous and hidden routes of Nepal.

Jungle Safari

We are the number one organization for Jungle Safari in Nepal. Our popular option for Jungle Safari includes Chitwan Jungle Safari and Bardiya Jungle Safari.

Bungee Jumping

Experience the Bunjee jumping to accomplish your hidden fear. Moreover, we take you to some of the adventurous Bunjee of Nepal.


Nepal is the best place for White Water rafting, Kayaking. So, join us to enjoy the majestic journey of white water rafting in Nepal’s electrifying rivers.

Why Book with Us ?

Real Nepal

We are a trekking and tour agency with professional knowledge and experience, specialized in small group and large group holiday packages. We are committed to serving you the finest adventures available. No other place on earth offers the diversity you'll discover in the Himalayas with stunning natural sights, challenging and rewarding activities and encounters with some of the world's highest peaks including Everest, the birth place of Lord Buddha, and diverse culture and heritage sites.

Authentic Travel Experience

Our Company offers the most adventurous sights and highlights, treks to off-the-beaten-track trails which travelers wouldn't find traveling alone, and a whole range of exciting activities. With itineraries designed to make the most of your time, all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the Himalayas for what they are; thrilling, fulfilling and simply stunning.

Tours to Suit You

Most of our trips include a mix of activities including trekking, wildlife, sightseeing, so you will get a little bit of everything. We also offer dedicated tours for those who want to focus on a particular activity. Specialized tour types include jungle hike, wildlife, sightseeing or trekking, as per your interest.

For Your Safety

Your safety is vital to us. Therefore, when you book a trip with us we are very conscious towards you, and safety is one of the major areas in which we do not compromise. We select guides or trip leaders based on their proven safety record, technical proficiency, flawless judgment, government certified, friendly, ability to provide facts and helpful knowledgeable instruction. We always carry a first aid kit in case of an emergency.

Responsible Tourism

We respect nature for our own survival. Responsible tourism has been a matter of pride for us because we follow pure nature-based tourism without hampering.

Our commitment to Charity

Tourism is one of the important industries to earn foreign revenue. Tourism has been involved in this sector over two and a half decades. We believe in supporting education and we contribute 1% of our annual profit to schools in the rural region to provide proper education and caring for orphaned children.

Discounted Travel

We offer different types of discounts on different tours and treks.

Multi Country tour

We offer multi country tour, trek etc.