We are a registered name in the travel and tourism industry of Nepal. So, with our years of experience in travel and tourism, we have some authorized travel advice for all the travelers. We suggest the travelers travel with a registered and authenticated tour/travel operator. We must inform all our valuable clients, travelers, trekkers that many of the tour/travel operators in Nepal are unregistered/license not updated/illegally registered under the Nepal Government act.

Furthermore, these tour operators are not following the legal policies, government rules, and the benchmark of several tourism organizations. So, you should be ensuring adequately with all these things and always go with the legally authorizing travel and tour operator. But these days due to the internet, things have become much easier for travelers to research. Hence we want to proudly announce all the travelers that we are the authorized license holder of Government of Nepal, Ministry of Tourism, Civil Aviation, Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN), Nepal Tourism Board and Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA). In addition to this, there are many sovereign travels, tour, cultural, industrial, and mountaineering associations from where we have been legally recognized.

Similarly, you should keep in mind that the unauthorized travel/tour agencies cannot provide you the safety measures at the high altitude regions which require complete rescue preplanning. In addition to this adventure tourism like rafting, paragliding, bungee jumping, mountain climbing, restricted area trekking requires proper government authority, so you should always prefer an authorized travel/tour operator for your own safety.

Moreover, you should be conscious of health factors as well because some travelers might have altitude sickness while trekking, mountaineering. Travelers should be mindful of the packing gears as well because if you don’t have enough packing gears, then you might face several health issues while traveling and trekking. But you should always pack best and pack the correct gears before your fixture. So, proper packing gadgets/gears/clothes will make your holidays in Nepal even more memorable.

It is said health is wealth, traveling and trekking in Nepal requires proper packing gears and fitness. As you know, Nepal is a Himalayan country full of the gigantic Himalayas, hilltops and greeny forests. So, adequate stamina is requiring for a memorable journey ahead; thus, reasonable pre planning makes your Himalayan adventure journey even more thrilling.

Our Tips:

  • Get proper packing lists (i.e., Jackets, Trousers, T-shirts, Cameras, trekking gears, and more). But you should pack the best and pack less.
  • Manage proper personal medication vaccination.
  • Follow the path of eco-friendly sustainable tourism. (i.e., Don’t dispose of the waste materials anywhere, pollution-free tourism).
  • Avoid unhealthy foods, tap waters which might increase the risk of Diarrhea while trekking. It’s better to have water-purifying tablets alongside during trekking.
  • Pre-book the mountain Heli flight for any unexpected casualties during high altitude mountain trek.
  • Always travel with the authorized licensed travel/tour operator.