Nepal is considering as a safer destination to spend your holidays. Currently, the political situation in Nepal is relatively stable, which has ultimately refurnished its tourism industry. So, most of the governments across the world have removed Nepal form their alert list. Thus, Nepal is a safer destination for all kinds of travel and tourism. But, it is always essential to have legal government consultation regarding your journey and its safety. So, you should consult with your government to have clarity about your travel. In addition to this, after your arrival you should always register with your countries concerned embassy, this can help to make a safer journey. In this modern era of the internet, you won’t have any difficulty in finding the authenticated resources and government websites, which provides legal travel information. Most of the countries have official alert websites to help their travelers group.

Travel Agencies/Tour Operators:

Proper choice of travel and trekking company is a vital part of organized traveling. We recommend you to choose the legal and registered tour operator/travel agency. Travelers can find many travel agencies’ websites on the internet. But choosing the correct one is very important, as most of the travel agencies in Nepal are not legally registered or have not renewed their license. Proper choice of travel agency is critical to make your Nepal trip memorable. We proudly announce our travelers that we are the legally registering travel agency in Nepal, with years of experience in providing quality services in the tourism industry. Our happy and satisfied testimonials are the ultimate examples of our Quality of Services (QoS).

Travelers should do proper research while choosing travel agencies. There are many examples of brokers, un wanting money seekers, unauthorizing travel operators who are taking advantage of unsuspecting tourists.
We recommend travelers to choose the registered travel agency only who can assure their security concerns and provide quality services. You should have proper two ways of communication (i.e., email, speak) and take advantage of travel agencies’ websites before choosing your desired one.
Below is the list of recommendations you should consider while choosing a travel agency/tour operator.

  • Always choose a government registered travel agency/tour operator.
  • Have proper communication with the travel agency before you book with them.
  • Know about their staff cultures, testimonials, previous backgrounds, services, and more.
  • Have information about the company’s staff’s English language proficiency.
  • Also, know whether the staff travel Alert, porters, tour guides are adequately trained or not.
  • Check info about the company’s immediate rescue and first aid policy.