Leisure travel
Many people select leisure tours or trips with the purpose of connecting with other people, who also seek to broaden their minds and increase consciousness and conscience. Select the appropriate way of traveling leisurely that seems to suit your need and fulfill your desires. There is no better place for a relaxing getaway than the land of the mountain ranges. Nepal may be a destination for individuals of all ages and interests. Discover attractions on each corner during your leisure tour from the historic, artistic and cultural sights of Kathmandu to the gorgeous lake and beautiful town of Pokhara. Special events mean there’s always another interesting thing to see. Have a leisure trip and smile. Grab your family or friends and go!

Business Travel
Nepal isn’t a renowned destination only for journey travel, it’s also becoming a popular destination for business travel. There are several opportunities to take a position in business like tourism, agriculture, electricity, mining, etc. Travelers from various parts of the planet visit Nepal to satisfy their travel desires like trekking, hiking, peak climbing, expedition, jungle tours, rafting, biking, paragliding, ultra-light craft, bungee jumping, etc. Some travelers visit Nepal to establish new businesses and analyze business opportunities in Nepal to run through foreign joint-venture investments. The liberal foreign investment policy of this Asian country makes it a potential target for investment for foreigners who try to set up a business or joint-ventures in a simple way. Business travel in Nepal is seen in too few of the cities wherever active economic process has crystal rectifier to a rise in foreign investments, similarly to institutions of international corporations.

Educational Tour
Nepal is one of the best destinations for educational tour and research. A lot of people come to research and study about Nepalese lifestyle, culture and other science and art. A lot of high schools and college students come for educational tours and many foreign students have completed their Ph.D. degree by doing research in Nepal. Nepal educational tours are a great opportunity for every student. Nepal is the home of one horn rhinos, the Bengal tiger, wild elephants and other animals. 4% of mammals on earth, 8% of the world’s bird population; more than 848 bird species, 101 ethnic groups with 92 spoken languages and more than 50 religious festivals to celebrate each year. These are the things which make Nepal special to make an educational tour for college and university students.